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1945 – co się stało z niemieckimi dygnitarzami z Bydgoszczy

piątek, Październik 31st, 2014

8 lutego 1945 r. australijska prasa informowała:

Himmler has recently taken proceedings against a number of officials who „forgot their duty and proved oblivious of their
honor,” said Berlin Radio, which add ed: „S.S. Colonel, and Police Chief of Bromberg (Colonel von Salisch) was sentenced to death, and was executed by shooting in the head.
„The Bromberg Civil Administrator in the district Kuehn, Administrator Ernst and District Party Leader Ramm have been degraded and deprived of civil rights, and sent to a special punitive battalion. They will be employed on tasks of a particularly difficult and dangerous nature. Ramm also has been relieved of his duties as head of the Party Chancellery.”

The Russians announced the capture of Bromberg a fortnight ago, but the Germans have since reported that some fighting is continuing within the city.

Greenwich, Pułkowo, Ferro…

poniedziałek, Październik 13th, 2014

…czyli: gdzie to „Zero”?

meridian Pytając przechodniów podczas ulicznej sondy „Gdzie przebiega południk zerowy?” zapewne większość osób odpowie: przez Greenwich. Jednak nie zawsze tak było.